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Let’s go electric!

Discover eVebaBox

Transforms each commercial vehicle into a refrigerated commercial (e-)vehicle.

Why eVebaBox?

Discover eVebaBox

With our eVebaBox solution, we easily transform your (electric) commercial vehicle into an electric refrigerated or freezer vehicle. The eVebaBox is suitable for any electric vehicle, and it is a cheaper and more sustainable solution compared to converting an electric vehicle into a refrigerated or freezer vehicle.

With eVebaBox, you are ready for the new laws and regulations regarding CO2 emissions in the city. This way, you can continue to deliver refrigerated goods in all city centers and environmental zones as you are used to, even after January 1, 2025.

The eVebaBox is available as a standalone solution with a PowerPack, which does not require a connection to the vehicle. It is also possible to connect the eVebaBox with PowerPack to the 12V outlet of the electric vehicle. This allows the PowerPack to be recharged while driving or when the vehicle’s battery is being charged.

Sustainable and low investment

An electric refrigerated or freezer vehicle without traditional conversion.

Choose the eVebaBox

Benefits of eVebaBox

  • Do you already have a VebaBox? It can also be connected to an electric company vehicle.
  • Lightweight, maximum load capacity.
  • Little to no impact on the range of the electric company vehicle.
  • Full temperature control as you are used to.
  • Easy to service.
The eVebaBox in operation Click on a point to get more information.
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