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VebaBox, the
removable cooling solution.

Transforms each commercial (e-)vehicle into a refrigerated vehicle.

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The removable cooling container

Why VebaBox

Discover the VebaBox

The VebaBox is a removable cooling container that turns your conventional commercial vehicle in a refrigerated vehicle. The VebaBox is installed without the necessary adjustments to the vehicle, which means that the vehicle remains in its original condition. This enables you to convert your standard commercial vehicle into a refrigerated vehicle without much effort. The VebaBox is available for all brands and models of Electric commercial vehicles.

The VebaBox is connected to your vehicle’s 12V connection and switches ‘on’ automatically when you start the vehicle. In addition, the VebaBox always has a 230V connection, which makes it possible to (pre-)cool the VebaBox before delivery or during an overnight stop.

Also Suitable for Electric vehicles.

Why a VebaBox?

Transforms any Electric-Vehicle into a refrigerated vehicle.

  • Operates at ambient temperatures between -20°C and +40°C
  • Continues to freeze/cool when engine is off
  • Freeze, refrigerate and ambient possible in separate compartments
  • Low maintenance
  • Also suitable for (light) electric vehicles (LEV)
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The VebaBox in operation Click on a point to get more information.

The benefits of VebaBox

A sustainable solution also for your future commercial vehicles

A significant advantage of the VebaBox is that it is an one-time investment. As the box is removable, you can reinstall it into a new vehicle once it is written-off. Hence, you only invest in a reliable cooling solution once.

Quick service thanks to the interchangeable Cooling Unit

With the VebaBox, an extremely fast service is possible if the cooling machine is defective. The VebaBox has a removable cooling unit, which is easy to detach thanks to 2 screws. It can be removed without any problems.

Installation within in a day

With a VebaBox, a commercial vehicle is converted into a refrigerated vehicle within a day. The box is connected to the starter battery by a 12V connection cable. No further adjustments to the vehicle are required, which means that the vehicle remains in the original condition.

Do you want to discover all the benefits? Check them out here!

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Easy to service

Removable Cooling Unit

The VebaBox has a unique system, which is a removable cooling unit, enabling quick and easy maintenance. With the help of 2 screws you can remove the cooling unit without tools and technical knowledge from the VebaBox. If this is necessary, in many cases we can provide a replacement cooling unit, which you can replace yourself. See also the service page on this website.

Interested? You can configure the VebaBox yourself.

Follow the steps

The ordering process

Configure VebaBox

With the help of our configurator, you have the option to configure the VebaBox yourself. You give the details, such as the vehicle model and whether you want to equip the entire or half cargo space with a VebaBox. You can also add accessories. After you completed the configuration, you will receive a VebaBox quotation with all details. Click here to configure your VebaBox.

The process of a VebaBox installation

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